Equipment Technologies

Electrically Charged Water Not a day goes by that water is not a part of our life. We drink it, cook with it, bathe in it, swim in it, give thanks for it when it rains and play in it when it snows... more
    GreenTech Environmental innovates, develops, and manufactures high-quality... more
Multiscan Wellness devices -"BC-OXI" and "WellnessPro" are the latest and most advanced integration of scientifically proven multiple technologies for monitoring your... more
NLAL™ is the safe and simple evolution of standard liposuction. It is Advanced Slimming Technology for noninvasive body contouring that Delivers Immediate Results!Using the power of the... more
P.E.M.F. Cellular Energetic Technologies utilizing the MG-Pro and MG-33. Do patients come to you who have underlying pain and inflammation issues? Do any of your patients seem to have difficult or... more